The magic - Rhonda Byrne
One word changes everything...
Atomic habits - James Clear
Transform your life with tiny changes in behaviour - starting now. People think that when you want to change your life, you need to think big.
The self-love experiment - Shannon Kaiser
Put a stop to self-sabotage and overcome your fears so that you can gain the confidence you need to reach your goals and become your own best friend.
Maximum Achievement - Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy is one of the world's leading authorities on success and personal achievement, addressing more than 100,000 men and women each year in public and private seminars.
99 Perseverance succes stories - Jeannie Ingraham
99 Perseverance Success Stories: Encouragement for Success for Every Walk of Life" has an emotional charge that will have you reaching for the tissues or turning the page because it:
The power of your subconscious mind - Joseph Murphy
Includes never-before-published commentary from the author The Power of Your Subconscious Mind introduces and explains the mind-focusing techniques that remove the subconscious obstacles that preve
E-squared - Pam Grout
E-Squared is the sensational word of mouth SMASH that has gone on to become an international phenomenon, published in 26 languages and featured in the New York Times bestseller list!
You are the placebo - Dr. Joe Dispenza
Throughout history, many cultures have experienced the effects of verifiable healings, along with hexes, curses, witchcraft, voodoo and other mysterious phenomena.
The brain that changes itself - Norman Doidge
Meet the ninety year old doctor, who, with the aid of a few simple exercises, is still practising medicine.
The power of intention - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
'Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.' Wayne Dyer The Power of Intention is one of the key texts in Wayne Dyer's body of work, and this new edition provides a b
Creative visualization - Shakti Gawain
As introduced by Shakti Gawain to more than seven million readers worldwide, creative visualization is the art of using mental imagery and affirmation to produce positive changes in your life.
Mindset - Carol S. Dweck
"The updated edition of the book that has changed millions of lives with its insights into the growth mindset.
the field - Lynne McTaggart
An updated re-release of the best-selling scientific investigation into the plausibility of supernatural phenomena provides detailed coverage of the nature of consciousness and paradigm shift, offe
The intention experiment- Lynne McTaggart
Using cutting-edge research conducted at Princeton, MIT, Stanford, and many other prestigious universities and laboratories, The Intention Experiment reveals that the universe is connected
Nonviolent Communication - Marshall B. Rosenberg
If ''violent'' means acting in ways that result in hurt or harm, then much of how we communicate—judging others, bullying, having racial bias, blaming, finger pointing, discriminating, speaking wit
Christina, Book 1: Twins Born as Light
Christina (born 2001) is a young woman from Toggenburg, Switzerland.
Christina, Book 2: The Vision of the Good
The second book continues the story again from the perspective of her mother, Bernadette of Christinas development: the end of her school days, the revelation of her life plan and the impressive st
Christina, Book 3: Consciousness Creates Peace
Following the first two books of the "Christina" book series, both of which became bestsellers, the third book is now available.
Fooled by Randomness - Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Fooled by Randomness is the word-of-mouth sensation that will change the way you think about business and the world.
Whatcha Gonna Do with That Duck? - Seth Godin
Getting your ducks in a row is a fine thing to do.
Hero - Rhonda Byrne
From Rhonda Byrne, creator of the international bestselling movie and book, The Secret, comes Hero, her latest world-changing project and the most important to date.
The Power - Rhonda Byrne
The Secret revealed the law of attraction. Now Rhonda Byrne reveals the greatest power in the universe -- the power to have anything you want.
The Law of Attraction - Eshter Hicks & Jerry Hicks
This book presents the powerful basics of the original Teachings of Abraham.
Be, Think, Do - Mike Sturm
In this collection of essays, Mike Sturm distills the theory and practice of self-improvement into its simplest elements, and then conducts a deep examination of them.