The Power to Rewire Your Brain with Positive Affirmations

Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood, the power duo behind the Loved Powered Family, are Joy’s special guests today. Anna and Lindy are friends, soul sisters, and mom entrepreneurs on a mission to spread love and teach mindfulness through the POWER of I AM - without the woo. They are also the creators of Love Powered affirmation cards, one of which Vienna selects each day for Joy and her family to read and talk about – they are great conversation starters. Anna and Lindy begin by sharing their experiences with, and lessons learned from, the pandemic, and also how they started Love Powered Co. They then go on to describe affirmations, how they work, which ones are their favorites, and their connection to mindfulness. The discussion continues by exploring how exactly they created these affirmations and how they benefit children, the vast amount of feedback that Anna and Lindy receive, as well as their other daily rituals. As you listen to today’s special episode, you will be struck with not only how much Love Powered Co has impacted Joy and her family, but also how it could create positive change for yourself and future generations. Episode Highlights:

How Anna and Lindy are managing through the pandemic What is the universe trying to tell us through the pandemic How Anna and Lindy started Love Powered Co. Affirmations and how they work Anna and Lindy’s favorite affirmations The connection between mindfulness and affirmations How mantras and affirmations can benefit children The feedback that Anna and Lindy receive The other daily rituals in which they engage When does life start to change us? How they created their affirmations

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