Play your way to succes - Tom Davies & GeoWizard
All we have on earth is time, nothing can replace it. So why choose a career that doesn't make you happy? Isn't it more important to do something you're passionated about? 
The Power to Rewire Your Brain with Positive Affirmations
Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood, the power duo behind the Loved Powered Family, are Joy’s special guests today.
Let's Make a Gratitude List Together!
Not Feeling So Thankful? Sometimes we're just not feeling up to making a gratitude list, but know it would be helpful. In this short episode we get to make one together!
In this episode I dive into the latest science behind the effectiveness of VISUALISATION.Science is finally catching us up!
The Power Of Thoughts
In today's bonus podcast, I discuss briefly the events transpiring worldwide and the power of your thoughts...
How to Make Stress Your Friend with Kelly McGonigal
Let's talk about stress. In her premiere episode, Dr.
Optimal Flow State with Steven Kotler
How do you achieve your optimal flow state?
Try Doing Something EVERY Day
Why it can be helpful to do something every day, instead of some days; why it's helpful to keep a trash bag in the car; and how to handle the annoyance of a friend who's always late.