Christallin Source Healing - Guided Meditation
Learn how to become more aware of the possibilities of directing Universal Chi (energy) for healing, well-being and success.
Deep Relaxation (6 Part Power Break Package)
There are so many relaxation audios in the market and most are available for free! So why the Christallin Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation Package?
Erase Negative Karma
A very special 25 minute meditation to help you cut energetic links and free you from the burden of negative karma.
Letting Go & Karma Burning Bundle
Eliminate all tension and worries with this Letting Go, Karma Burning Bundle. What you will get: A long and short version of the Letting Go meditation
Sacred Gardens
Consider it the perfect napping material or your special retreat from the stress and conflict of daily life.
The Gratitude Package
The more gratitude we have…the more we live! This package curates the best of our gratitude brain training products. In this bundle, you will receive:
Stress Relief Package
Are you feeling overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger, numbness? The list goes on.