Letting Go Guided Meditation
This guided meditation audio is intended for anyone who experiences stress, worries, grief, fear and tension, and having a hard time to letting go.
Sacred Gardens
Consider it the perfect napping material or your special retreat from the stress and conflict of daily life.
The Gratitude Package
The more gratitude we have…the more we live! This package curates the best of our gratitude brain training products. In this bundle, you will receive:
Authentic and powerful communication in 14 steps
Succes, in welke vorm dan ook, vereist een taaie en sterke geest. Je kunt alle middelen hebben, maar als je geest een puinhoop is, zul je falen. Vanaf mijn vroege jeugd is mijn brein getraind, aanvankelijk door mijn judo sensei en later zelf. Dat heeft mij geholpen aan vele kampioenschappen en wereldrecords. Ik wil gedreven zijn door mijn hogere zelf en niet door angsten en zenuwen.
Why doing nothing is worse than failing
Something happens and we react. This response originates in thoughts (beliefs), feelings, emotions that lead to actions. This pattern of behavior leads to additional events, thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. We generally respond in the same way without being aware of it.
Confidence Is Really About Learning To Trust Yourself
See confidence in a new way by learning about how trust is built with friends and applying it to building trust with yourself. One week, at the bottom of my weekly newsletter, I asked rea
AM/PM Brain Traing
AM/PM Brain Training for Stress Management and Self-Esteem
Kick Off Into Your New Life - Video Training
Video Training: This training is a two-day speed course with tools to help you on all levels.
Accepting What is
Acceptance anchors us so that we might focus on the present rather than endlessly drift in a sea of wishing, dreaming, and pining for anything other than what is. When the word “acceptanc
The power of intention
3 Tips for using your intention for success Tip 1 Be happy with your intention
The Gifts of Imperfection - Brené Brown
A motivational and inspiring guide to wholehearted living, rather than just the average self-help book, with this groundbreaking work Brené Brown, Ph.D., bolsters the self-esteem and personal devel